Patience: Right Timing's Needed For Real Triumph

We don’t like to wait.
I know that statement may seem a bit “cut-and-dry”, but sometimes you just have to keep it 100% real.
Our current society cannot stand to wait. I have discussed it in previous blog entries & my observations have not changed. I’ll even include myself. We do not feel waiting is necessary.
From mobile ordering to express shipping. From streaming to even relationships, we just do not want to be patient.
It’s almost like if we wait we think we will turn into a pillar of salt. Ironically, the person that did happen to received that fate from disobedience, and not waiting sometimes falls right into that category.
Look at some of the Bible favs. David had to wait until Saul died to be made king. Esther had to go through a year of preparation before even meeting the king so she could be his wife. When Moses came back to Egypt to save the Israelites there was a whole new generation. Even Jesus had to wait a certain amount of time before stepping into ministry.
My point i…

Worry: Remember There's A Ram In The Bush

We all struggle sometimes with worrying. Now, I know some of us may do it in more extreme ways than others, however we all worry when it isn’t necessary.
Think about it.
Those moments when you’re trying to turn an app on & it doesn’t automatically work. The first thing that normally comes to your mind is, “Is something wrong with it?” or “Do I need to turn it off & turn it back on?” Sometimes you may even wonder if your signal is good.
Rarely do we think about the fact that we use it all of the time & like us, it may simple need a break to work at its full potential. No matter how big or how small, we have bouts of worry that can be avoided.
Recently, I myself was struggling with worry about my finances. See, I’m currently set to be a vendor at a women’s expo. While there I’ll be selling my books, my merchandise, & networking with numerous professional women.
Now, I’m big on looking at everything carefully before I decide on it. Out of wisdom, I looked at my finances caref…

Look To The Hills

Worth, Growth, View, & Love.

These are all things for yourself that you should see & feel.

They shouldn’t go up & down always changing

because in tough times your true feelings will be revealed.

Every doubt & worry,

moment of low self-esteem & fear

will come forth with a vengeance in those moments of despair.

The mask will be removed and the truth will be unveiled.

That’s why when asking for your value you must always look to the hills.

Balance: Line Up Your Priorities WIth Your Purpose

We, as a culture, mismanage our time.
I know you are probably surprised that I am hitting this so directly, but I just feel it is the best way to go.
I myself have and still do have issues with my time & my priorities. There have been various times that I went, “I can do it tomorrow,” and when tomorrow came I was running, rushing, & yelling, “Aw man!” Shoot, to be honest I’m writing this blog right now the day that it is set to be sent in for review.
If you’re laughing right now I understand. Trust me, I can’t take it personal because nothing can be changed unless it is acknowledged.
The craziest part though is that in our current society this type of behavior is encouraged, rather than addressed. Apps such as “GrubHub” & “DoorDash” profit off of people forgetting or not wanting to get up because if they do then it’s ok because their food is brought right to the door.
Please, our entire society is based now off of convenience. The less that has to be done, the more popular it …

Circle: Take Note of Those Around You

What’s the first thing people think of when discussing legendary Biblical characters? Some may say miracles. Others might say lessons. A few may even say favor. Me myself, I have begun to consider their circles. I know that may seem a bit random, but it is something to me, that truly plays a strong part in one’s success. How did the older folk say it, “If you have 4  ___ friends, you’ll be the 5th.” (Put whatever you’d like in the blank.) Ruth was around her mother-in-law. Elisha followed Elijah. Peter was with James & John. Even Jesus had an inner circle. You do the math. What happens around you affects what happens in you. If you look at various people in our time, from the Obamas to Mark Zuckerberg, from Jackie Hill Perry, from me and you, we all are influenced to follow the flow of those around us, whether we realize it or not. I myself have done it, and I am grateful that I did. As a result of amazing fellowships, mentoring, healthy criticism and correction, & love I am able to w…

Rest In Peace (In Honor of Ollie Coley)

A heart of gold with a priceless smile that could not be ignored. A soul that helped whoever was in need and never closed an open door. Spilling out truth at all times while giving love that would never end. A disciplinarian when necessary and when comfort was needed, a friend. Never to be forgotten or ignored. Always to be reverenced and remembered. A woman after all of our hearts, who never saw one as smaller or bigger. She will never leave our sides and her memory will never cease.

Gratefulness: Give Your Honor Now

Recently I lost a member of my family. My great-grandmother passed on Saturday, March 2, at the age of 86. She was a true light. With honesty and light, she showed love to others whenever she could. If they needed edification, she provided encouragement. If they needed support, she was a shoulder to cry on. If they needed truth, she told it like it T-I-IS. In my eyes she truly was a staple in more ways than one. Various times of my life where people in my family, including myself, were struggling she lent a hand. It was truly her essence. To be honest, losing her truly shocked me because I did not see it coming. I thought I had a little more time. To me, the time would come soon enough, but it would not come yet. As you can see I was wrong. This has truly convicted me because I was reminded that none of us will be here on this Earth forever. We all have a chosen purpose and a chosen time. Once that reaches its end, there is nothing we can do to change it. That is why we must fulfill what Go…