Sometimes we get more comfortable with certain things than we realize. Whether it is because we enjoy it or feel we "need" it we become accustomed to its presence.

For example, on Tuesday night YouTube experienced an outage that prevented people all over the world from using YouTube's sites. When this happened, the entire world took notice. Comments were made on Twitter expressing their discomfort with the fact that they could not watch videos on YouTube. I myself was in my feelings because I couldn't watch my favorite vids.

This got me to thinking, if we have this big of a reaction because we can't watch a videos on our electronic devices how do we react when more important things that we've grown comfortable with go away?

Can we handle it if we are forced to move into a smaller home? How about when a close friend or family member passes away? What do you do when convenience disappears?

This is when the true strength of your relationship with Christ shows it…

Commitment: Can you stand the rain?

You know, in my opinion one of the easiest things to do is start something.

I know some of you are looking at the screen right now saying, “What?" but it's the truth.

Someone gets an idea, then they started, and at first things go great. Then it gets less popular or they run into a snag. That's where you find out how much it really meant to them. How did New Edition say it, "sunny days everybody loves them. Tell me baby can you stand the rain."

That's not just a jam, but a serious question. Who is willing to be there when the times get rough? Who won't give up even though quitting would be the easiest way out? Who's in it for the long-haul?

The sad part is as much as a lot of us would like to say we are the truth is we aren't. I myself have claimed I wanted to do things and step into things, but when it didn't happen exactly how I wanted to or the glory didn't come immediately I said forget it.

We like convenience and commitment isn'…

Pride: Lay It All Down

You know, if I had to pick the 2nd strongest battle I had to fight in my spiritual walk it would be my pride. 
Anyone who's followed my blog regularly would know that faith/self-esteem would be tied for number one, however pride is a very close runner-up.
Some of you may not believe me because you're wondering, "How can someone who has struggled with their confidence be proud?"
Well, it's very simple. According to the Oxford Dictionaries pride can also be defined as the, "consciousness of one's own dignity". In layman's terms it can also be looked at as one's self-esteem.
So, for someone like me, who at the time struggled with her self-esteem, I would do anything to get it and avoid anything to keep it.
That meant, NO asking people for help. NO admitting that I was in a tight area financially. Definitely NO discussing various parts of my testimony I'd rather keep "hidden". 
All of that had to stay on the "hush hush" because…


As someone who has had highs and lows, this is a topic that I do not take lightly. Even though it is defined differently by various people it cannot be ignored or forgotten. describes it as, "the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose." Some might define it as never giving up. Others may say it is never giving it. The list goes on and on, but at the end of the day everyone knows it is a necessity.

From media moguls like Oprah & Tyler Perry to Christian figures such as T.D. Jakes and Tony Evans to even historical giants like Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama, every last one of them had to stick things out to reach their goals.

I'm pretty sure there were times when they wanted to throw in the towel, but they did not because it was not worth it. Making it to the finish line not only allowed them to fulfill their purpose, but it encouraged others to do the same.

That is why we have to consider the fact that even though quittin…

Expectations: Things Aren't Always What They Seem

If you were to ask me one of the top things I have learned about myself it would be that I can have unrealistic expectations.

I know it may seem a little weird that I'm “coming at myself” right now, but you can't help others find their way if you're lying about some of your own obstacles.

From a very young age I had a very sweet, “fairy-tale” view of life. My parents were together back then & didn't let me see their fights, so I thought their marriage was perfect.

My dad was popular in our community & everyone loved me cause I was his cute, smart daughter, so I didn't deal much with bullying and such.

On top of it all I loved God and was told various times that He was going to use me.

Life was pretty much perfect cause it was all going my way.

I didn't know the true weight of the statements & prophecies about God using me. I expected for life to be easier because of that. Boy was I wrong.

If only I had looked at the numerous individuals who’d seen …

Self-Esteem: See Yourself How God Sees You

Over the last couple of blogs I've been discussing things relating to your mind & how it affects the rest of your life. From focusing on the correct things to double checking your values, it all plays a great part in if you will rise up or continue to stay down. Another piece that plays an enormous part in one’s journey is, “confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect,” (Oxford Dictionaries) or self-esteem.

Now I know some may be surprised that the “church lady” is bringing up self-esteem since a lot of people think believers only discuss scriptures & bible studies. However, how you view yourself plays a big part in your walk because doubting yourself will lead you to doubt what God can do through you.

If you look in the Bible, Moses questioned God about leading the Israelites out of Egypt because he had an issue with public speaking. However, God showed him that He had already took care of that & he was a leader in spite of. (See Exodus 4:10-12)


Value: What Truly Has Worth To You?

According to value is defined as, "to consider with respect to worth, excellence, usefulness, or importance." In other words, it means to decide what is at the top of your list.

Now, on last week I wrote about focus and how we must watch what we give power. This is very necessary for anyone to move forth and reach various goals. It is also very telling because what you focus on the most is normally what you truly value.

I'll use myself for example. I've always loved people and this at times has been a blessing as well as a curse. On the good side, it has allowed me to be open to talk with & try to help others. On the bad side, there have been various times where I valued their opinion more than what was best for me.

I tried being popular numerous ways & if it was fake, it didn't work. It pushed them further away from me because they could smell the hypocrisy a mile away.

Thankfully, I came to a place where God's will for my life outrank…