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Love: Different Faces, One Motive

If you had to name the best way to show love, what would it be?

Would it include understanding and comfort? Support and encouragement? Maybe even discipline and honesty?

Over the years my idea of love has grown and is still growing.

In the past it was all about being told I was doing stuff well and being comforted when things didn't go my way. There was no thought of constructive criticism and definitely no desire for correction.

Thankfully, as I encountered different things I learned that guidance from someone who’s been down a road like your’s is love’s true foundation.

Think about it. The best advice and guidance you’ve got was always from someone who went through a situation like yours. They were able to encourage you better than anyone else could.

They were able to calm you down when things got under your skin & you were about to do something that would have made things worse. Please. Sometimes they were even able to tell you what you were thinking before you even said it…

Faith: Why you need it to win the fight

When you look at most old-school fairy tales you see the same formula. They begin with some kind of struggle. Then some type of interception is made by a fairy, knight in shining armor, etc. Finally, it ends with the character’s dreams coming true, allowing them to live happily ever after. The only trouble is, that’s not how it goes in the real world, even for followers of Christ.
See, in the real world, you have trials and tribulations. Times where the going gets tough and it seems like the pain just won’t go away. That’s normally when your faith first comes into action. If you don’t know I can tell you from my own experience.
I was young. Only 6 years old when I started getting a taste of some of the bitterness life can bring. I had grown up in church, knew the Bible like the back of my hand, & felt like I wanted to serve God more than anything else in my life. As a result, I subconsciously felt that that excluded me from getting thrown into the life’s rink. Little did I know, my…

Contentment: How to appreciate your place on life's trail

One of the strongest feelings that I have ever felt is regret. Whether it was regarding my education, my personal life, or my spiritual walk, the emotions that came along with it were never pleasing. It would start off as happiness for someone else, then it would fall into comparison wondering why things didn’t turn out that way for me. Next thing you know I am having to rebuke feelings of envy, doubt, & jealousy. Sometimes I’d even have to get off of the person’s social media page hoping it would stop. Sound familiar?
Sad to say, most, if not all of us have had to face this. With so much technology and options we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others & fighting to be at the top. It seems like whenever we reach one goal or fulfill one desire we CHOOSE to take on another one that others show us. Every year there is a new phone release. Every month there’s another movie you have to see. Every week a new app is created. It seems like there is this non-stop flood of ideas and …