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Throwback Thursday - Love

Today I wanted to touch on love and growth. Below is a fragment of a poem I wrote years ago regarding love or better yet, the love I wanted to receive from others. It was written from a bitter place and a less understanding spirit. That is why I am grateful for growth & maturity. Revelation without forgiveness equals danger.

So, I hope this is able to encourage you to grow and/or continue growing so you can reach that place of understanding and peace.

A 4-letter word that lives amongst us all. It can sway our decisions for the good and the bad. Sometimes we ignore it and other times we answer its call. As a result, my experiences with it have made me both angry & glad.
I have always desired for it to pay me a visit through my father, family, pastor, and friends. My prayers were that our relationships could become more intimate  and my scars & wounds it could mend.

Confidence: Opinion Does Not Define Value

If you had to rate yourself from 1 to 10 compared to everybody else what number would you pick? I know this is something that is used as an example a lot, but when you think about it it definitely says a lot about how you feel about yourself. Honestly, at this time in my life, I would probably rate myself a seven. Now for some people they might say why don't you pick a 10, but if you knew how I felt about myself five years ago you would realize the seven is a big increase.

You see, since puberty, I struggled greatly with self-esteem. I started to gain weight around puberty due to my gaining "curvaceousness" as they put it and my eating emotionally due to things going on with my family. So, the pounds came on & so did some of the jokes. Unfortunately, even though I was chosen I wasn't really able to see how God saw me differently than everyone else.

Their opinions became my Bible and I studied it like it was a Bible study. It's a shame, but my loving people an…