Throwback Thursday - Love

Today I wanted to touch on love and growth. Below is a fragment of a poem I wrote years ago regarding love or better yet, the love I wanted to receive from others. It was written from a bitter place and a less understanding spirit. That is why I am grateful for growth & maturity. Revelation without forgiveness equals danger.

So, I hope this is able to encourage you to grow and/or continue growing so you can reach that place of understanding and peace.

A 4-letter word that lives amongst us all.
It can sway our decisions for the good and the bad.
Sometimes we ignore it and other times we answer its call.
As a result, my experiences with it have made me both angry & glad.

I have always desired for it to pay me a visit
through my father, family, pastor, and friends.
My prayers were that our relationships could become more intimate 
and my scars & wounds it could mend.


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