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Preparation: Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready

For the majority of us, we wish to be able to fulfill our dreams. Whether it is being a famous actor, possibly opening your own business, or maybe even being a pastor, you have something that has been in your mind for your future.

Personally, mine has become writing. It took time for me to shift my dream a bit to match up with God’s plans, but we’ll hit on that next week.

Now, these dreams or desires normally have a strong power. They pull your choice of entertainment, behavior, even where your money is spent. We think about all of these things, but as I've gotten older I have noticed that not as many of us consider how to plan or set-up for it.

You hear about plenty of young boys wanting to be a professional athlete, yet all they play is video games. You may see a good number of women wanting to be singers, but not as many enroll in an arts school. You even witness people wanting to enter politics, but refusing to research those who have truly made a difference.

Basically it'…

Popularity: Who's Opinion Really Matters?

As a believer I have heard and studied the life of Jesus Christ many times. From His birth to His life to even His death, burial, & resurrection I have admired and reverenced his journey. However, there is one part of His walk that I did not look at very closely until recently. Jesus, according to our current human standards, was not everyone’s favorite.

Now, some of you may be looking at the page right now with the side-eye, but I'm just keeping it real. Jesus had those who loved him and honored him, from the disciples to the people that listen to him teach and even those he performed miracles for. However, there are some that were not his biggest fans.

You had Pharisees that did not trust and believe him because he was speaking against their traditions. In Matthew 12:38 they even approached Him saying, “...we want you to show us a miraculous sign to prove your authority.” (NLT) Then they paid a person in His circle to ‘turn Him in’.

All in all, Jesus dealt with many wavering…

Control (He Knows What's Best)

In today's world, we love to have control. We like power over our diets, our houses, our jobs, our social media pages, and the list goes on-and-on. If we have it, we want to RUN IT. The only problem is, that doesn't work with everything.

Some stuff can't be tied down or dictated, namely the people in our lives.

When it comes to the living beings that walk around us we are not in control. From our family members to our coworkers. From our friends to our neighbors, we cannot decide what their next step will be.

Now, this can be hard because being on the outside looking in we feel we know best. In our opinion we have the only solution & the sole answer, however that is not the case.

As it says in Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding." (NLT)

This means you must trust that God knows what is best for them and WHEN it is best for them. That may mean things don't happen as soon as you would like them to, bu…

Grateful (Inspired by "Bigger Than Me")

As I look over the previous year I see many things.
From moments that made me cry to days that made my heart sing.
From valleys to mountains.
From highs to lows.
From smile's that reached from ear to ear to frowns that reached down to my very soul.
I see it all, magnified to the greatest degree,
and...I am thankful that it all came to be.
I am grateful for the great days & the rough nights.
The lowest of lows in the highest of highs.
They all where are necessary for me to make it to where I am.
To walk in my destiny and on my purpose stand.
So, as I embark on this new chapter of what is to be
I am grateful that it is bigger than me.

By: Amber Gardner

Inspired by Bigger Than Me

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