Grateful (Inspired by "Bigger Than Me")

As I look over the previous year I see many things.
From moments that made me cry to days that made my heart sing.
From valleys to mountains.
From highs to lows.
From smile's that reached from ear to ear to frowns that reached down to my very soul.
I see it all, magnified to the greatest degree,
and...I am thankful that it all came to be.
I am grateful for the great days & the rough nights.
The lowest of lows in the highest of highs.
They all where are necessary for me to make it to where I am.
To walk in my destiny and on my purpose stand.
So, as I embark on this new chapter of what is to be
I am grateful that it is bigger than me.

By: Amber Gardner

Inspired by Bigger Than Me

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