Usher Me (In Honor of Tashia Fletcher)

From our first meeting
you were there with hands and heart open on one accord,
not caring about others opinions or thoughts
regarding what I should be living for.
With love overflowing like the God that we serve
you helped ease every worry & calm every nerve.
With your smile, your spirit, & your soul honey sweet
you helped me see that no matter what my life in God was complete.
Opening up in various ways you were a sister and a friend
used by God to help me get to where he had for me to begin
With positivity and perspective,
joy and peace,
you encouraged many to trust in the Lord
and live their life in ease.
Even in you're going away
you have made it clear in the end
that we should all live every day like it's our last for Him.
So as you are laid to rest
with joy I decree, you were a tool that
God used to usher me.

In honor of Tashia Fletcher
May you Rest In Peace


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