Chosen Comfort

Chosen Comfort

We have all been taught about choices,
preferences and desires.
Things we want to go a certain way
to take us higher.
Higher and away from our valleys
of rejection,
our forests of confusion,
and our rivers of tears.
Those places where unforgiveness was the leader and our guide was fear.
We walk round and round in this path of comfort,
because we’ve become comfortable with the repetition.
Even though what has been repeated is hurt, pain, & unhealthy conditions.
So, due to wanting control we’d take pain over purpose,
being dragged from our destiny
because we don’t want to trust the plan of the Almighty.
But we have to realize that comfort is not always good
because it allows one to stay in one place
rather than moving forth to what God’s plan is for you
& following it day-by-day.
So, turn yourself over to Him, knowing that He has more in store than your eyes can see,
and trust that the comfort of walking in what you’re chosen for is greater than you’d ever believe.


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