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Cause and effect is a concept we all know very well. Something we were taught back when we were learning about math, reading, & how to spell. A very simple idea backed by a non-complicated thought. Everything that is done will have a result. No comment won’t be heard and no action will not hit a mark. No touch won’t be felt and no facial expression will not be seen from afar. Life is like a domino effect and it never ends. That’s why everything is attached leading to one’s ending helping another begin. So, with this being said and being broken down into terms more layman, think about how much power lies in your reaction. See, the strength is not in what one gives, but in what you do with what you receive. It makes a difference between if you will rise like Mary or fall like Eve. It is the decider between success and failure Between victory and defeat. It chooses if rejoicing in what was or what could’ve been is where you will be. So be careful what you choose to participate in  and be your action becaus…

Testimony: Share Your Story For His Glory

According to a testimony is, “evidence in support of a fact or statement”. In layman’s terms, the non-religious definition of testimony is something that proves something else. Like a testimony in court may prove guilt vs innocence or a testimony about a weight loss product proves if it works or is a gimmick. It basically backs up or gives a foundation to something else.
Now, the same way that works with non-Christian matters it works with faith-based things as well. For instance, Abraham’s testimony involving his son & the ram in the bush proves that God is a provider. (Genesis 22:1-14) The woman with the issue of blood’s testimony proves God is a healer. (Mark 5:25-34) Paul’s testimony proves that God is a transformer (Acts 9:1-19) The list goes on and on.
The entire Bible is in a way a book of testimonies sharing what God has done and what He shall do. It is placed there to encourage us and help us walk in what He has for us to do. Now, if God can use  the testimon…

Surviving The Storm

The winds of pain are blowing onto life’s peaceful shore.

Waves of hurt are eroding the ground.

The storm of turmoil is raging, causing the rain to over pour.

Most of the resistors of the storm are no longer around.

The Mind: The True War Ground

According to war is, “a contest carried on by force of arms, as in a series of battles or campaigns. In layman’s terms or in my words, it is two forces or sides fighting one another for power.
Now, as someone who is from “757” or Hampton Roads, VA, which is extremely military-based, I have had exposure to various things related to war. From social studies classes to first-hand experiences, many comments about war & its effects have been shared with me.
As a result of this I have much respect for our veterans & our current military. They have done great things and sacrificed on our behalf. However, there is not just earthly war, which we normally speak of. There is another form of war that happens in a place that cannot be seen. It is in the mind.
You see, our two greatest enemies are the devil...and ourselves. From placing seeds of doubt to allowing insecurities to gain control of us, we fight Satan & ourselves more than anyone else.
Think about it, when reme…