About Me

Normally I start my writing with a definition or stirring scenario or special angle to draw attention. However, this blog's foundation is built on vulnerability and truth. So, I'll try something different & hit the nails right on the head.

My name is Amber Gardner & I am 23 years old. I was born & raised in Hampton Roads, VA or as we like to call it "the 757", which is known to draw tourists and pollen. 

Most of my life's been on a pew since my roots are in the church. However, my relationship with God truly kicked into full gear a few years ago.

 I have faced various tests & trials which taught me numerous things about myself, this world, & how to live for the God that I serve.

Because of my love for God and my brothers & sisters, I'm now sharing the lessons I have learned, hoping to fulfill my goal of helping those who are on the battlefield continuing to fight.

So, join me as we examine the rewards & responsibilities of following the King step by step.


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