Comparison: Embrace Your Difference To Walk In Your Destiny

One of the most common strategies I remember being used in English literature class discussions is "compare & contrast". It asked us to see how characters & situations in the piece were like each other, as well as how they were different.

It lead us to dig and decipher how the hero & the villain were actually more alike than presented, leading us to address how we all have various layers. However, it seems as if over the years comparison has lost that level of innocence.

It no longer seems to take place in a classroom. Now, the majority of it takes place on a touchscreen cellphone created by Apple or Android. Rather than it helping us analyze characters we are slowly losing our's.

No longer are we happy with ourselves because we feel it just is not good enough. We want to have what everyone else has, not knowing that many of them feel the same way we do.

The older people used to always say that "the grass always looks greener on the other side". Now we may need to say "The grass always looks greener on the other phone", but the message still stays the same.

We have to be able to be satisfied with what we have been given. First, you do not want to be looking so much toward what others have that you miss your own blessings. On top of that, God is not going to trust you with something else if you are not being a good steward over what you currently have.

It all comes down to gratefulness and perspective. If neither one of those is right, you will encounter with these doubles and detours that could have been avoided. Embrace what you have & trust the giver, Christ, and you will be satisfied like never before. It's up to you.

© 2020 by Amber Gardner | Step By Step