All right, I'm ready to have a heart to heart. A real moment of honesty and truth.

A time where I pulled out some of my hidden feelings,

revealing what crosses my mind when life hands me a, "1, 2".

Now, some may think, "What is there really to show?"

"What is there truly to say?"

"You have won the good fight

and you glow in Christ everyday."

What you don't realize is that divine involves difference

and that's not as easy as it seems. Because when stains are what is normal it feels really lonely to try to stay clean.

I'm not saying I am perfect

or that I don't do wrong.

However I've caught many a side-eye for trying to play "God's song".

From terms like "weird" to "church girl",

the comments grew and grew,

starting from the cafeteria all the way to the pews.

It resulted in frustration

and added worry plus despair

because I wondered how God loved me, then allowed this treatment that was so unfair.

Thankfully I finally realized that this was confirmation,

not a punishment for bad deed

because when you look in His word

the same thing happened to the King of Kings.

Jesus Christ was viewed as strange, odd, and out of place because he preached God's truth, His love, and His grace.

His essence set Him apart

causing Him at times to stand alone,

and as a result of Him completing His mission

I can call Heaven my home.

So, I will continue in purpose

and walk the path that has been set because that treatment just confirms that my destiny involves being different.

By: Amber Gardner

© 2020 by Amber Gardner | Step By Step