Identity: Discovering the Necessary Driving Force

What do you feel makes you who you are? I know that may seem a little blunt, but sometimes it is best to just go for the jugular. What do you feel makes you who you are? I know that may seem a little blunt, but sometimes it is best to just go for the jugular.

If you had to name one thing that makes you what would it be? Would it be music, art, maybe even a lover? What is the thing that you feel makes you tick?

I know for some years I may have said music. For others I probably would have said writing. However, over the last couple of years I discovered that I really was allowing PEOPLE to drive me.

That’s right people. For all those years “Mrs. Trust in the Lord w/ all thine heart” & “God loves me for who I am” was being pushed & navigated by what others thought. My concern was not God’s will and it was not God’s way. It was my image.

Now, some people may say there is nothing wrong with that cause people’s support and approval is what gets you to the top. To them I will say this. First, I do agree that connections are very necessary to succeed in any arena, however full dependency on someone else’s views is not.

If you look at the web, the news, & even social media the trending topics are changing regularly and so are others opinions. That means some days they’ll be on your side and other days they’ll be saying “Off with her head!!!” (I wanted to add a little something for any fans of the “kings & kingdoms” age out there.

See, I had to learn this and it took much time. Various times I felt less than, left out, forgotten about, and everything else in between, and I did not just feel that way in school. I felt that way in the pews too, but I had to discover that every believer is different.

This means that everyone who follows the God you serve will not understand the plan He has for you & the steps that must be taken to fulfill it. Even Jesus did not have everyone completely by his side on his journey. He had twelve disciples, three that were in what we deem the “inner circle” who got to see things the others didn’t, & out of that twelve one still betrayed him! (See Matthew 10:2-4; Luke 9:28-36; Luke 22:48)

That is why I had to learn that my motivation had to be what thus saith the Lord. He had to be my driving force. Unlike people he never changes. As it says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, & forever.” (NLT)

So I don't have to be concerned about changes that occur because if they do it is for the good. It is not over a foolish change of opinion, but the Father wisely ordering my steps.

This is why I have learned that Christ must be what I cannot live without. He needs to be where my identity lies because He knows me better than I know myself & He’ll never change. So, trust in the Lord, walk in His way, & let Him be your driving force.

© 2020 by Amber Gardner | Step By Step