Cause and effect is a concept we all know very well.

Something we were taught back when we were learning about math, reading, & how to spell.

A very simple idea backed by a non-complicated thought.

Everything that is done will have a result.

No comment won’t be heard

and no action will not hit a mark.

No touch won’t be felt

and no facial expression will not be seen from afar.

Life is like a domino effect

and it never ends.

That’s why everything is attached

leading to one’s ending helping another begin.

So, with this being said

and being broken down into terms more layman,

think about how much power lies in your reaction.

See, the strength is not in what one gives,

but in what you do with what you receive.

It makes a difference between if you will rise like Mary

or fall like Eve.

It is the decider between success and failure

Between victory and defeat.

It chooses if rejoicing in what was or what could’ve been

is where you will be.

So be careful what you choose to participate in 

and be your action

because nothing is as strong as the power of reaction.

© 2020 by Amber Gardner | Step By Step