Shift away from the battles.

Shift away from the norm.

Free yourself from the bondage.

Let go of the thorns.

Put the hurt behind you,

and say goodbye to the past.

Marvel at what’s in front of you,

thinking of how you’ll be free at last.

Step into your calling,

and embrace why you’re here.

Stand strong in your destiny, 

abandoning all fear.

Walk with faith & conviction,

knowing what you are worth.

Let negativity die

and to positive thoughts give birth.

If God says move to the left do it,

cause you know he’s always right by your side.

Don’t fret, stress, or worry

cause there is greater on the other side.

It might not seem easy,

and at first it may feel a trip,

but trust me,

you’ll be glad you made that shift.

© 2020 by Amber Gardner | Step By Step