Surviving The Storm

The winds of pain are blowing onto life’s peaceful shore.

Waves of hurt are eroding the ground.

The storm of turmoil is raging, causing the rain to over pour.

Most of the resistors of the storm are no longer around.

The solid trees of beliefs are bending to the core.

The roots of morals are being ripped from the ground.

You wonder what more hell is in store.

You try to scream, but cannot utter a sound.

You exist daily with this storm, searching for the exit door,

hoping that your mind and soul will again be sound.

You finally find your voice and release a lion’s roar.

You pick yourself up off of the dust of the ground.

You find your wings and leave the storm in a soar.

Finally loose from the chains that once had you bound.

You begin to live and learn again to love and adore.

You have survived the storm and peace is what you have found.

Dedicated to everyone who has survived their storm

This is a poem that I wrote years ago during various storms in my life. Thankfully I have now found that peace & I am able to walk in the purpose that God has set for me & help others walk in theirs as well. So I encourage you to walk in your peace, walk in your purpose, and walk in your victory. Trust me, it won't let you down.

© 2020 by Amber Gardner | Step By Step