Testimony: Share Your Story For His Glory

According to Dictionary.com a testimony is, “evidence in support of a fact or statement”. In layman’s terms, the non-religious definition of testimony is something that proves something else. Like a testimony in court may prove guilt vs innocence or a testimony about a weight loss product proves if it works or is a gimmick. It basically backs up or gives a foundation to something else.

Now, the same way that works with non-Christian matters it works with faith-based things as well. For instance, Abraham’s testimony involving his son & the ram in the bush proves that God is a provider. (Genesis 22:1-14) The woman with the issue of blood’s testimony proves God is a healer. (Mark 5:25-34) Paul’s testimony proves that God is a transformer (Acts 9:1-19) The list goes on and on.

The entire Bible is in a way a book of testimonies sharing what God has done and what He shall do. It is placed there to encourage us and help us walk in what He has for us to do. Now, if God can use  the testimony of people from the past to encourage us in the present, what makes us think He can’t use our testimonies to encourage others in the future.

Think about it. If God has healed you from cancer that is proof that He is a healer. If He brought you from jail to the altar that is proof that He is a transformer. If He took the taste of drugs out of your mouth that means He is a deliverer. You get my drift.

Now, I understand that due to others “opinions” or “comments” some of us may be fearful to share where God has brought us from, but please know that He did not just do all of that for you for you to keep everything to yourself. Plus, everyone that God has used had to go through something to get what God had for them. He was their coach & they had to go to practice so that they could be ready to win!!!

So, please believe me when I say there is power in your process and your story. Seek Him & share what he is leading you to reveal to others. It will save lives and encourage people that you cannot even imagine. I know, because He is doing it with me right now.

© 2020 by Amber Gardner | Step By Step