What Inspires You?

The Webster Dictionary’s definition for inspiration is, “a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.” I agree fully with this definition because I truly believe that my motivations and inspirations are gifts from God. My main inspirations are my mother, my physical illness, difficult people, and God. These positive and negative things push me in ways that I would never have dreamed of.

My mother, Melanie Evett Crooms, began to have seizures at the age of fourteen. For twenty-three years she has lived with that physical illness and overcome it. By conquering this situation with a good attitude she inspired me to do the same when I was diagnosed with the same condition in 2007. In 2007 I received an injury to the head and a tumor was developed due to it. The result was that I began to have seizures as well. This was the most terrifying days of my life. I was kept in the hospital for three days and released. If it was not for my mother I would not have made it through this time. She has motivated me many different times to keep on going. I owe my life to her and every time I think of giving up I remember her, my guardian angel.

The reason that I say my mother, Melanie Evett Crooms, is my guardian angel is because she is always there and inspires me in more then one way. She also inspires me because she has raised me by herself for the past three and a half years. When she divorced my father in August of 2005 it was a great responsibility on both of us. It took a great deal of courage for her to step up and be a mother and a father to me. As an African American single mother the stakes are very high against her. In 2002 African American families that were lead by a single mother were at a rate of 43%. Statistics show that when a divorce occurs in an African American family their income decreases by 47% then if the parents had remained married. My mother perseveres through all these stereotypes and statistics every single day. My mother is and always will be my idol.

My illness has played a serious part in my drive as well. As I mentioned earlier I was diagnosed with seizure disorder in 2007. It was devastating to know that my family now had to worry about me having seizures as well. It took a great toll on my family and me, but I was determined to turn it around. I decided in my hospital bed at Riverside hospital that I was going to live everyday like it was my last and I have kept that oath. I always do my finest and I never surrender. I have turned my life around in more then one way for myself, my family, and for God.

The reason why I say difficult people inspire me is simple: the more difficult they are the more I want to prove them wrong. I know that it might seem small-minded, but it is actually an impressive way to handle adversity. For example, every time someone tells me I cannot, I say I can. When they say I will not, I say I will. When I am told I do not, I say I do. All they do when they talk is encourage me to improve and overcome their accusations. People can keep on talking because all they do is add fuel to the fire.

As I share part of my life story with you I hope that you will see that an opportunity like this does not come around for a girl who has seen what I have seen very often. I hope that you will all give me a chance to use my inspirations to inspire me to succeed in your program because no one can succeed without the drive to do so.

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