Worry: Remember There's A Ram In The Bush

We all struggle sometimes with worrying. Now, I know some of us may do it in more extreme ways than others, however we all worry when it isn’t necessary.

Think about it.

Those moments when you’re trying to turn an app on & it doesn’t automatically work. The first thing that normally comes to your mind is, “Is something wrong with it?” or “Do I need to turn it off & turn it back on?” Sometimes you may even wonder if your signal is good.

Rarely do we think about the fact that we use it all of the time & like us, it may simple need a break to work at its full potential. No matter how big or how small, we have bouts of worry that can be avoided.

Recently, I myself was struggling with worry about my finances. See, I’m currently set to be a vendor at a women’s expo. While there I’ll be selling my books, my merchandise, & networking with numerous professional women.

Now, I’m big on looking at everything carefully before I decide on it. Out of wisdom, I looked at my finances carefully and did various calculations to make sure I could afford it. So, you can only imagine how shocked I was when I received my check & it was at least $50 less than the amount I used in my calculations.

I was tripping & trying to figure out what was going on. That’s when I realized that the current check was less because I had to call out for two days when my mom got sick in March.

As a result, I really couldn’t be angry. All I could do was hope that I was able to make everything stretch. I vented to my mother, went through my budget numerous times, and even prayed Lord help me be able to make this work because you told me to move forth in my purpose.

So, imagine my surprise when my mother and I came across $20 in the parking lot walking to the store to grab some tissue. It truly was a miracle because my half of that $20 helped me have enough money to hold until the business event.

You see, God has a ram in the bush even when you aren’t looking. It’s up to you to simply believe in him that He will not leave you alone. If He said it, that settles it.

So, trade in that worry for work and worship & move forth in your destiny because God’s got it.

© 2020 by Amber Gardner | Step By Step